About PAWS Audio

We offer services for

Creatives, game developers, musicians and media

PAWS Audio is the name of UK based record label and audio library founded by Bluesy, who has a long-standing history with-in the UK underground scene notably for his work at London’s Kool FM and Jungle Fever. With his alias “Gully Cat” he has been working on numerous projects alongside Walshy Fire of Major Lazer.

PAWS Audio’s music spans numerous genres including jungle|d&b, dubstep, grime, dancehall, reggaetón, soca, house and moombahton.

As a music library PAWS Audio offers creative and coding services for media and games industry.  With a large catalogue of custom created SFX and music, we bring a modern twist to sound design for media projects.


We at PAWS Audio are equipped to handle all of your game’s needs when it comes to the music. If you are a developer searching for both adaptive music technology and bespoke music to go with it, but you don’t have a composer or you need help with integration – we’ve got you covered. We have programmers experienced with game development as well as a roster of game music composers at your disposal.


We use a combination of high quality renowned hardware and software to produce your final mastered recordings and return them to you in a format of your choosing (16bit/24bit WAV etc. depending on your mastering order specification).


Video Game Music production is an emerging field that attracts musicians and producers worldwide. However, it requires true mastery of all interactivity constraints and methods as well as interactive composition techniques.

Music and Sound Design for multi-platform Video Games, Media, Video and Trailers

It’s hard to find true expertise in game audio programming. It really is a different world.

We know which API is best for which project on which platform. There are great tools on the market, plus cost effective solutions to improve your production pipeline

Our team is small, friendly and efficient with over 15 years experience in the music industry, music production and music on the Internet. We aim to provide our customers with outstanding musical material for affordable prices, a streamlined and secure shopping experience and excellent customer service. We will endeavour to answer your enquiries as quickly as possible and welcome any questions you may have. You can also speak with one of our friendly staff if you would like to know more.

Audio and music ready for your imagination to go wild within your games audio engine

There is a growing trend away from detached “linear” scores towards music that is tightly integrated with, and relevant to, gameplay. Game designers are learning that music doesn’t have to be merely a detached backdrop to the action on screen – it can ebb and flow, adding emotional depth and soul to scenarios and help maintain the suspension of disbelief that is so crucial for players. We now have the ability to craft scores that adapt to what is going on in the game, in real time.


trusted by the world’s best


Bespoke music & remixes

The right remix can make or break a new release.
We have some of the worlds hottest producers on our rosta and are always on the lookout for new producers.

With a track record of remixes of acts such as Walshy Fire , Major Lazer, Kabaka Pyramid, Randy Valentine, Big Narstie and more our producers have worked with the best in the business.

They can create a bespoke music and remixes that appeals to radio DJ’s as well as achieving club support.  We work with the some of the pioneering and major artists in dance music so we can see first hand which producers are really working at club and radio level.

From  electro, dubstep, jazz, hip hop, breakbeat and house music, we have the right producer to take your new project to the next level.