Music and Sound Design for multi-platform Video Games, Media, Video and Trailers

It’s hard to find true expertise in game audio programming. It really is a different world.

We know which API / middleware  is best for which project on which platform. There are great tools on the market, plus cost effective solutions to improve your production pipeline

Our team is small, friendly and efficient with over 15 years experience in the music industry, music production and music on the Internet. We aim to provide our customers with outstanding musical material for affordable prices, a streamlined and secure shopping experience and excellent customer service. We will endeavour to answer your enquiries as quickly as possible and welcome any questions you may have. You can also speak with one of our friendly staff if you would like to know more.

Audio and music ready for your imagination to go wild within your games audio engine

There is a growing trend away from detached “linear” scores towards music that is tightly integrated with, and relevant to, gameplay. Game designers are learning that music doesn’t have to be merely a detached backdrop to the action on screen – it can ebb and flow, adding emotional depth and soul to scenarios and help maintain the suspension of disbelief that is so crucial for players. We now have the ability to craft scores that adapt to what is going on in the game, in real time.

Audio & music for games and films.

Immersion is key

We try to ensure that, for the player, immersion into the game world is vital, so we build, design and integrate around this concept, making sure that all implementation and in-game audio systems never become obvious to the player, and always feel and sound organic, consistent and natural (even if the game environment is very unnatural).

Audio code and design for game studios and indie developers.

We appreciate sound effects are not simply quickly recorded or grabbed from a sample CD – each sound is lovingly crafted through several editing, mixing, processing stages.

We have built up an enormous collection of commercial and bespoke sound libraries as well as a vast personal library. We now have way over 100,000 sound effects, so no matter what you’re after, we will be able to create and design the sound that you need.

We also often include complex processing methods in our sound design. This could involve changing the harmonic content of a sound, re-synthesizing elements of a sound, or forensic style cleaning and reconstruction operations when required.


When we arrange music tracks for a project we always arrange original, bespoke commissioned music, ensuring that the customer has unique music tracks that will not be heard anywhere else ever!

Using the right equipment

Over the years we have amassed a huge arsenal of professional recording equipment, including many expensive microphones of all different types, sizes, sensitivities and an array of different recording devices, and not forgetting kilometres of professional cabling to connect everything together.


You may know exactly how the game should sound in your head, or leave it to us to help guide you. We can take your audio to the next level!


Taking from all genres of music, we can use full orchestras, an impressive collection of live instruments, and endless possibilities “in the box”.


One of the most important pieces of great audio is implementation. We have a skilled and university educated crew working with FMOD, WWise, Unity, Unreal integration tools.

Game audio
Game audio
Game audio
Game audio

Music Production & Licensing

Video Game Music production is an emerging field that attracts musicians and producers worldwide. However, it requires true mastery of all interactivity constraints and methods as well as interactive composition techniques:

  • Composition (linear method, but also adaptive, interactive, conditional etc…)
  • Production (we have produced tracks for all kind of supports and have several studios dedicated to music production)
  • Licensing (we have a diverse catalogue of audio and music available.)

We have a wide variety of solutions for your sound design and SFX needs

  • A massive SFX sound library with built-in search and management tools. Quick and efficient way of producing quality SFX based on our own pre-recorded sound libraries plus some of the best commercially available libraries.
  • Experience in Foley recording with plenty of accessories to produce original SFX in studio acoustic conditions
  • Professional mobile recorders and multicanal microphones to record SFX anywhere (from monophonic to multiphonic and 5.1 encoded materials).