Audio and music for games and media

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We have a wide variety of solutions for your sound design and SFX needs

  • A massive SFX sound liabary with built-in search and management tools. Quick and efficient way of producing quality SFX based on our own pre-recorded sound libraries plus some of the best commercially available libraries.
  • Experience in Foley recording with plenty of accessories to produce original SFX in studio acoustic conditions
  • Professional mobile recorders and multicanal microphones to record SFX anywhere (from monophonic to multiphonic and 5.1 encoded materials).

Bespoke music & Licensing

Video Game Music production is an emerging field that attracts musicians and producers worldwide. However, it requires true mastery of all interactivity constraints and methods as well as interactive composition techniques:

  • Composition (linear method, but also adaptive, interactive, conditional etc…)
  • Production (we have produced tracks for all kind of supports and have several studios dedicated to music production)
  • Licensing (we have a diverse catalogue of audio and music available.)